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This is a general information website created for the property owners of the Leilani Estates subdivision. It is also a good reference for those interested in information about one of the best places to live in Hawaii. The contents of this website is a compilation of documents provided by the LCA Board of Directors, property owners, and other materials gathered on the web that is relevant to Leilani Estates property owners. The website is produced and maintained by one of the happy Leilani Estates property owners and is not an official website of the Leilani Estates Community Association.

Tropical Storm Iselle
The Leilani Estates subdivision was hard-hit by Iselle and the full recovery will take some time. Power to most of the streets has at least been partially restored. Some streets are waiting for pole replacement and many homes are without power due to the lines on those lots need to be replaced. In some cases this is due to broken poles or structural damage where the line connects to the house. Members of both the Leilani CERT team and the Leilani Neighborhood Watch have been using the Community Center as a command center for emergency services as well as staffing ice, water, and household supply distribution points. Their hard work over long hours went a long ways towards helping in the recovery efforts.

The office has been without power and phone service for several days but power has been restored although phone service remains spotty. We are now open for regular hours, 8/18/14, and the internet seems to be working fine. If you are off-island and send us an email request we will try to check on your property and let you know how it looks.

Aloha From The President

by Jay Bondesen - January 2014

 As I write this, in early December in Hawaii, I am reminded of just how fortunate we are to be here.  It's in the mid 70's most days, some of them sunny and some cloudy, but a world away from the freezing temperatures many other states are experiencing.  We have an abundance of rain of course but living on old lava has the benefit of quickly soaking that water up and the sun comes right back out.

Our community appears to have come through the recession in good condition and we are experiencing more new lots being prepped for building as well as some others being refurbished by new owners.  Every time I meet new or potential new members, the common theme is about just how nice Leilani Estates is.  I hear this from people who are just driving through and also from new owners who appreciate the streets and park, as well as the Community Center and Pavilion.

Much has been accomplished in Leilani Estates by volunteers and many of them are the same people that have been standing up to help for years.  It wouldn't be the same without them and fortunately we are seeing new members start to show up to lend a hand.  The Board of Directors itself as well as the various committees chaired by Board members are all volunteer positions and open to Association members.  To become a potential Board member, you just need a nomination to be submitted.  To participate on a committee, you simply express an interest to that committee chair.  If you have an opinion, or want to get involved, you need to speak up.  The thing about committees, and Boards, is they can reach a consensus.  They both need to have different voices with a different point of view in order to come close to representing most of the people.  I think it's a rewarding experience and recommend it to anyone.

2014 will bring new challenges but we are well positioned to meet them.  We engage our political representatives to promote the best interests of our Community.  We do the same with County and State agencies to insure that our position is considered in their policy decisions.  Times are changing and as they do, we want our members to have a say in matters that are important to us. 

Service groups such as Neighborhood Watch and CERT are opportunities for members who want to get involved in community safety and emergency preparedness for Leilani Estates.  They both are comprised of people willing to give back a little of their time, living the concept of community where we help our neighbors.  They would both love to have more people involved for whatever amount of time might be available.  Clubs such as Puna Ukulele & Kanikapila Association (PUKA), use the longhouse to bring anyone interested together to play and learn music and to spend a fun time with others who share a common interest.  Classes on Hula, Yoga, Qigong, Tai-Chi & Dog Training are open to everyone.  All of these groups and clubs are a great way to meet people and stay involved with life.  The schedules for these and other activities can be found posted at the longhouse as well as our website, leilaniestates.org.

The Board of Directors is active in many of the groups as well as operating the Leilani Community Association.  Their efforts contribute to the things we see daily as well as many that go unnoticed.  They all deserve some appreciation for the time they put in.  The business of the Association has grown with membership along with the demands on our employees.  The office is open for more hours than previously and the maturing landscape on our streets is a greater challenge. (On that topic, Google has as part of their map service something called Google Street View.  It will give you a full panorama view as if you were driving through Leilani).  As with any small business, we have expenses.  Some unavoidable and some deferred as long as possible, and some improvements agreed to by the Board.  Additionally, we are required to have sufficient reserves in place to cover major expenses.  At a recent Board meeting, it was decided that we make a small increase to the annual assessment and raise it to $100.00.  This is intended to allow us to maintain the infrastructure that is owned and controlled by the Association as well as do some long deferred maintenance.  We are currently expanding the children's playground and are in the planning stage of an additional parking area.  The Longhouse is getting some touch-up inside but rather soon both the Longhouse and Pavilion will need roof replacement.

The current Board of Directors has accomplished many of its goals for 2013 and yet we feel more can be done.  We have issues with vacant houses, with invasive trees, and with sporadic crime.  These problems are beyond the legal reach of the Community Association but affect us all directly.  We will continue to work toward solutions.  We move in to 2014 expecting new challenges as well as new opportunities.

Let's see what we can do with them.

General Membership Meeting

Leilani Community Association will hold the General Membership Meeting on Saturday, March 21, 2015, at 2:00 p.m. at the Rec Center, 13-3441 Moku Street. All members are encouraged to participate in the meeting, meet your neighbors and meet your new Board of Directors for 2015.   The agenda for the General Membership Meeting will be posted prior to the meeting.

2015 Board of Director Nominations

In accordance with Bylaws Article IV Section 1, the Board of Directors will be accepting nominations for its 2015 Board of Directors election.   Written nominations must be received by the Association’s office no later than January 1, 2015.
If you are interested in serving your community, please get your nomination in.

Request to Develop a Community Relief Center in Leilani Estates

Leilani Community Association proposes to develop a Community Relief Center to build community resilience and aid residents of Lower Puna (Puna Makai). The proposed facility will allow preparation for and response to any natural or manmade disaster which prohibits access to roadways and the transportation of goods and services to/from the Hilo area. The proposed site of the Community Relief Center is at the Leilani Community Association grounds located on Moku Street in Leilani Estates.

The Leilani Estates Board of Directors (BOD) are asking for member response to the proposal to Hawaii County for your review.  Attached you can find the proposal, pictures, and maps that were included in the package submitted to the County. 

Community Relief Center Proposal    Community Relief Center Photos

 TMK Map      Plot Plan

Members are encouraged to share their comments by submitting them to the Leilani Community Association.

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