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This is a general information website created for the property owners of the Leilani Estates subdivision. It is also a good reference for those interested in information about one of the best places to live in Hawaii. The contents of this website is a compilation of documents provided by the LCA Board of Directors, property owners, and other materials gathered on the web that is relevant to Leilani Estates property owners. The website is produced and maintained by one of the happy Leilani Estates property owners and is not an official website of the Leilani Estates Community Association.

President's Message

by Jay Bondesen, President LCA - January 2015

It's been an eventful six months between our mid-summer newsletter and now, December, and the end of 2014.  Your Board of Directors has been busy overseeing the Associations business as well as participating in the many activities organized to make our subdivision the special place that it is.  There seems to always be something happening.  The regular pot-lucks are well attended, the monthly sales in the pavilion are really popular, and the monthly movie nights are something for the whole family.  The clinics and classes that community members host at the pavilion and in the Community Center building are a great way to get a little exercise, to learn and practice a hobby, and a good opportunity to socialize and connect with our neighbors.

Participating and actually being part of a community has always been important to many of us and has become more important to all of us.  As most of you know the volcano we live on has been quite active in the Puna district recently.  Its effects have been varied but they have impacted everyone.  Your Board of Directors has been working closely with Hawaii County Civil Defense as well as other agencies to prepare for whatever might happen.  We have opened our doors to all of them to work together.  Ultimately though we want to thrive as well as maintain our piece of paradise.  This is the time for the spirit that brought us all here in the first place to bring us together, neighbor helping neighbor, and adapt to this new situation. 

Information on the lava flow is widely available and what I write today will be out of date by the time you read it.  A month ago it was projected to pass through the center of Pahoa but stopped a few hundred feet from crossing the main road.  Right now it is expected to pass through our only shopping center in days or weeks and most businesses have moved out.  At some point it's expected to cross the primary road to Hilo and then perhaps the secondary roads.  With all of the starting and stopping and changing direction, only time will tell where the flow may go.  For the time being though the Leilani Estates subdivision is in no more jeopardy than it was last year or ten years ago.

Life has change somewhat and those of us living here will likely see more changes in coming months.  Some people will feel nervous and some will consider relocating if the commute to school or jobs becomes difficult.  Others will feel adventurous or simply enjoy where they are and see no reason to leave.  Regardless of the flow, the State and County of Hawaii have many options under consideration for the many possible events that the lava could cause.  There may be some disruptions in services but we have been assured that solutions will be found and we will not be abandoned.  The Leilani Homeowners Association will of course continue to do everyting we can in the best interests of the members.

General Membership Meeting

Leilani Community Association will hold the General Membership Meeting on Saturday, March 21, 2015, at 2:00 p.m. at the Rec Center, 13-3441 Moku Street. All members are encouraged to participate in the meeting, meet your neighbors and meet your new Board of Directors for 2015.   The agenda for the General Membership Meeting will be posted prior to the meeting.

2015 Board of Director Nominations

In accordance with Bylaws Article IV Section 1, the Board of Directors will be accepting nominations for its 2015 Board of Directors election.   Written nominations must be received by the Association’s office no later than January 1, 2015.
If you are interested in serving your community, please get your nomination in.

Request to Develop a Community Relief Center in Leilani Estates

Leilani Community Association proposes to develop a Community Relief Center to build community resilience and aid residents of Lower Puna (Puna Makai). The proposed facility will allow preparation for and response to any natural or manmade disaster which prohibits access to roadways and the transportation of goods and services to/from the Hilo area. The proposed site of the Community Relief Center is at the Leilani Community Association grounds located on Moku Street in Leilani Estates.

The Leilani Estates Board of Directors (BOD) are asking for member response to the proposal to Hawaii County for your review.  Attached you can find the proposal, pictures, and maps that were included in the package submitted to the County. 

Community Relief Center Proposal    Community Relief Center Photos

 TMK Map      Plot Plan

Members are encouraged to share their comments by submitting them to the Leilani Community Association.

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