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This is a general information website created for the property owners of the Leilani Estates subdivision. It is also a good reference for those interested in information about one of the best places to live in Hawaii. The contents of this website is a compilation of documents provided by the LCA Board of Directors, property owners, and other materials gathered on the web that is relevant to Leilani Estates property owners. The website is produced and maintained by one of the happy Leilani Estates property owners and is not an official website of the Leilani Estates Community Association.

Tropical Storm Iselle
Tropical Storm Iselle hit the Big Island late Thursday evening on August 7, 2014.  Damages included loss of electricity, telephone, cable and for most, cell phone service. Some properties were damaged by falling Albizia, Ohia and other trees.  Without electricity, Leilani residents did not have running water.  This posed most difficult for the elderly and disabled residents as they needed to haul water from their catchment tanks into their homes for use. The strength of Iselle and the weak nature of Albizia trees caused power poles to snap as if they were scrawny twigs.   

In preparation for Hurricane/Tropical Storm Iselle, CERT and NW members met on Wednesday August 6th to work out logistics and implementation in the face of emergency. This forethought enabled immediate action the day after Iselle hit our island.  In conjunction with Hawaii County Civil Defense, Leilani CERT began operations as an Emergency Operations Center on August 8th. CERT and NW teamed up to assess damage throughout the subdivision.  All damage was noted on a large map in the longhouse and relayed to Hawaii County Civil Defense.  Leilani EOC was used as a P.O.D. or point of distribution for ice, bottled water and other goods donated by Hawaii County, community members and groups.  At least twice a day for 10 days, ice and water was distributed from our community center. 

Teams of volunteers were sent out to deliver ice, water and donated food to the elderly, infirm, disabled and those unable to leave their property due to fallen trees. National Guardsmen were assigned to patrol our area and help with distribution efforts.    

Mayor Kenoi dispatched his assistant Charmaine Shigemura to Leilani E.O.C. for the purpose of gathering information on needed resources and support. Having a ‘direct line’ to the Mayor enable us to receive what was needed a quick and efficient manner.  In addition to the 33 volunteers and CERT members, people and business on the Big Island overwhelmingly responded to our needs by providing hot meals, canned goods, household supplies, ice and water.   

Reflecting on those two weeks of recovery efforts shows the Aloha Spirit is alive and well on the Big Island.  The main lesson we should all take away from this experience is to never underestimate the value of emergency preparedness. Forethought, planning and preparation are key to surviving the initial days following a natural disaster.

Summertime in Leilani Estates

by Jay Bondesen, President LCA - August 2014

As you read this, the summer sseason is well underway but for me right now, the solstice was just last week.  I think we all enjoy the longer days and warmer temperatures of summer here in Leilani.  It seems just right to me and it's a relief to return home from a day in Hilo which is usually a few degrees hotter.  Something is blooming here no matter what time of the year but the summer brings out new color and fragrance.

The Leilani Community Association has been busy and as always, the Board of Directors works hard to manage the business of the community.  We continually look for things that will enhance both ownership of property and living within the subdivision.  We recently completed an expansion of the children's playground with added space and equipment.  Included in that space is new landscaping which is coming along great.  A new overflow parking area next to the pavillion is now available for use as well.  It was graded and leveled and surfaced with gravel and someday we hope to add pavement.  If you haven't seen them, or used them yet, please come by and see what was accomplished.  Another improvement, possibly completed by the time you read this, is a new roof on the Community Center building.

Improvements do cost us something but thanks to the members who regularly volunteer, their time to help many more things can be accomplised with less.  As always we are grateful to the individuals, and the groups that form the classes and the work crews as well as Neighborhood Watch and CERT.  Hosting movie nights, maintaining our library, bringing in an occasional dance or event, all of these things add value to our community yet are low or no cost thanks to the volunteers.

Leilani Estates remains the only place I can picture myself living on this island.  There are numerous other nice beaches or beautiful views, places with more sun and less mold, but I wouldn't want to live there.  In Leilani, we have invasive plants an pests.  We have some less than perfect neighbors and we have many of the same problems found everywhere but somehow we can keep it together.  That's largely due to sharing the experience with so many of you.  We want Leilani to be an inclusive neighborhood and the pot-lucks, the monthly pavillon yard sales, the playgroune, or just stopping by the library are all opportunities to meet and join with your neighbors.  Please take advantage of them.

General Membership Meeting

Leilani Community Association will hold the General Membership Meeting on Saturday, March 21, 2015, at 2:00 p.m. at the Rec Center, 13-3441 Moku Street. All members are encouraged to participate in the meeting, meet your neighbors and meet your new Board of Directors for 2015.   The agenda for the General Membership Meeting will be posted prior to the meeting.

2015 Board of Director Nominations

In accordance with Bylaws Article IV Section 1, the Board of Directors will be accepting nominations for its 2015 Board of Directors election.   Written nominations must be received by the Association’s office no later than January 1, 2015.
If you are interested in serving your community, please get your nomination in.

Request to Develop a Community Relief Center in Leilani Estates

Leilani Community Association proposes to develop a Community Relief Center to build community resilience and aid residents of Lower Puna (Puna Makai). The proposed facility will allow preparation for and response to any natural or manmade disaster which prohibits access to roadways and the transportation of goods and services to/from the Hilo area. The proposed site of the Community Relief Center is at the Leilani Community Association grounds located on Moku Street in Leilani Estates.

The Leilani Estates Board of Directors (BOD) are asking for member response to the proposal to Hawaii County for your review.  Attached you can find the proposal, pictures, and maps that were included in the package submitted to the County. 

Community Relief Center Proposal    Community Relief Center Photos

 TMK Map      Plot Plan

Members are encouraged to share their comments by submitting them to the Leilani Community Association.

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